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Nature Play

Nature play is unstructured time outside where kids can freely explore, build and imagine. Given a safe area and some elements such as plants, soil, wood, water and rocks, kids will play independently developing skills, creativity and an appreciation the environment. Families can enjoy parks, national forests and open space, but for daily play, it is important to have a space in your backyard for kids to enjoy. 


Nature play spaces come in all shapes and sizes (the important thing is having fun outside!) but often contain some or all of the features listed below. Garden PlaySpace can help you envision and design a space that your kids will enjoy season after season.

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Veggie Gardens

The only vegetables my two year old will eat are the ones he picks in our home garden! For many kids, tending and harvesting a garden is a powerful way to form healthy habits such as trying vegetables, physical activity, patience and observation and understanding natural cycles.


Creating a kid friendly veggie garden that can withstand our harsh climate can be tricky. Garden PlaySpace will set you up for success by using quality organic inputs and recommending techniques that work! Features can include raised beds, drip irrigation, plantings, worm bins, home composting, seed saving and recommendations for using rainwater.

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Backyard Wildlife

Explore nature in your own backyard! Our Sonoran Desert is home to an incredible diversity of lizards, pollinators, birds and amazing plants that will thrive in a backyard. Garden PlaySpace can help you build a desert habitat that is safe for your little explorers, low maintenance, low water use and helps conserve the biodiversity in our region.


Kid friendly wildlife gardens can include water harvesting features, native shade trees, perennials that provide forage for birds and butterflies, bird houses and spaces for kids to play and follow their imaginations (listening to birds, creating tiny houses, rock and stick art, leaf collections).


Mud Kitchens

What could be more fun that a play kitchen for splashing and making mud pies?  Mud kitchens use many recycled materials and are custom made for your space and preferences.  They can attach to a garden hose and drain to a nearby tree. 


Great for summer time water play that doesn't waste a lot of water!


Family Classes

Garden PlaySpace classes offer hands on learning for families of all ages and abilities. Topics include:

  • Family Rain Gardens

  • Nature Play at Home

  • Home Gardening For Busy Families

  • Maker Kids! Family Woodworking Projects

  • DIY Mini Gardens for Fairies or Dinos

  • Build Your Own Worm Bin

  • Nature Crafts

  • And many more!

Contact me to schedule a class for your group!

Upcoming classes at Garden PlaySpaceAZ on Facebook

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