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Hi I’m Melissa!


I started Garden PlaySpace to help busy families enjoy gardening and the outdoors together. As a mom with two small children, I have experienced first hand the benefits of nature play (for my kids AND me!) and am motivated to help others overcome the hurdles to getting outside.


Garden PlaySpace helps you design, build

and engage kids in outdoor play spaces and veggie gardens.


We make connecting to nature easy, sustainable and accessible by creating backyard spaces that celebrate the natural environment and are irresistible to young explorers.

Getting kids unplugged and into nature is essential for developing creativity, focus and problem solving, connection to the environment and healthy habits for life. But when it came to my kids it was really a struggle to set up a safe, engaging place for them to play.

Our yard was rocks, blazing Arizona sun,

snakes and scorpions. It felt like we barely

had time for dinner much less playing outside.


This experience helped me develop designs and activities that work for busy families in our desert environment. I learned from setting up spaces for my boys, our friends, being involved with school gardens and understanding best practices in this field.


I have 10 years experience designing and building home and community gardens, as well as, teaching sustainable vegetable gardening, composting, seed saving and water harvesting. I am fluent in Spanish, a certified Permaculture designer and have training in rainwater harvesting, seed saving, organic food production, backyard chickens and environmental education.


I believe every kid deserves to benefit from nature play and I strive to create spaces that are do-able for all kinds of families.

I understand every kid is different and can help customize your Garden PlaySpace to meet your family's interests and needs.


I am deeply concerned about the environmental and public health crisis of climate change. I seek green and ethical options in everything from lumber, paint, building materials, pots and pans and seeds.

I prioritize using salvaged, recycled,

re-purposed, sustainable and locally sourced materials in all my creations.


Garden PlaySpace is part of the movement to reconnect our youth to nature and prepare the change-makers that an environmentally sustainable future requires.

About Garden PlaySpace

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